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Hi Great(ish) expectations,

I bumped into your blog today and was wondering if I could get your opinion on a diet/fitness app I am working on right now.

Basically, the main problem with being fit and eating healthy is motivation and willpower. It’s such an abstract goal that seems overwhelming. It seems the best way to counter this is to make it into smaller, winnable games.

So my app makes living healthy, eating healthy, and fitness into a RPG game, where users earn points, “level up’, and earn badges as they accomplish their health goals. Everytime they add something healthy like whole greens, and veggies to their food log, they earn points. Everytime they complete a workout, they earn points. As they achieve more and more, they’ll level up and unlock badges…

Of course, to appeal to people’s need for achievements/progress, I’m also adding charts, and graphs to show their progress… I think people love that sorta stuff. The whole idea is to shift people’s attitude towards healthy living as fun, and enjoyable. And there’s gonna be a web version for those that don’t own smartphones.

What’s your opinion on this idea? Would you want to know when I’m done with it?

Thanks so much!


Dear App-er,

As I’m sitting on my couch writing this, I just realized, I haven’t gone to the gym in two weeks! Wow- your app is already helping people! Please let me know when it comes out, I just got my very first iphone (I  know, welcome to 2007) and am dying for some great app suggestions.

It is definitely true that the abstract goal of dieting and fitness is one that requires very specific and detailed goals and actions. If you have the skills to wrap this up into an app that people can use practically in their everyday lives- why wouldn’t you go for it? It sounds like a great opportunity to help people and make a little green in the process.

Obesity is a huge problem in this country. We can blame lack of education, negative body image from media’s worship of perfection, the industrialization of society, or whatever half assed excuses fall into our rationalizations at the moment. For now, mine is this blog. Tomorrow Jupiter will align with pices, so that’s no good either (joke). But at the end of the day, we only have ourselves to blame for the lack of motivation and dedication to being fit. The children of this country are getting the worst of it. Type 2 diabetes used to be a disease only afflicting adults, but children are getting it every day and it is only rising. It is a sad reality that parents can’t send their children to school and expect that they will be served a balanced meal. In middle school, I lived on pizza pringles and ranch dressing. True story.


So my advice? Just Do It. Well actually that’s Nike’s advice, but I think it’s fitting for this post. Just remember to take into account the diversity of fitness goals people might have. A marathon runner might want to get to his or her target heart rate, a bride might just want to drop ten pounds to fit into her dream dress.  An obese person may want an entire fitness overhaul, and a higschool wrestler might want to gain 20 pounds of muscle. As a result, this will also affect their eating needs.  Muscle boy will need more protein and carbs, obese person will need less carbs and fat. You get the picture. So research, research, research, and make it user friendly for those of us who are just getting used to using apps!



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